Chef decorating with pastry bag
Chef decorating with pastry bag

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Which came first? The Cookie, or the Geek?  It's hard to tell, but one thing's for certain...once you've tasted a fresh and homemade cookies, you'll understand that the geek is in the cookie!


CookieGeek enjoys making all kinds of cookies, but the ones everyone raves about are our custom decorated shortbread cookies.  Made with real butter and madagascar vanilla, CookieGeek cookies are crisp, light, and decorated with just the right amount of sweet royal icing.  They're definitely the tastiest cookies around!


CookieGeek also bakes up lots of delicious Chocolate Chip, Snickerdoodles, and Brookies - a half Brownie and half Chocolate Chip cookie!


Browse our site, take a peek at the sweet artistry that makes up a CookieGeek cookie! 

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Only the best ingredients.



Crafted with Care

Every batch made from scratch!



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